5 Tips to Improve Home Efficiency This Winter

Especially during cold South Carolina winters, ensuring that your home operates at peak energy efficiency can ensure greater comfort and lower utility bills for your entire family. A few simple steps can ensure that your home is ready for the coldest mornings and can reduce the strain on your wallet as well. Here are five tips for increasing the energy efficiency of your home this winter.

Perform Preventive Maintenance

Your home furnace works hard to produce heat and keep you warm and comfortable. Taking the time to schedule a maintenance appointment for your heating and cooling system can reduce the risk of ill-timed breakdowns and can help you stay comfortable even in sub-zero temperatures. Regular maintenance can even extend the life of your current furnace. Making a small investment now can significantly reduce your heating costs and repair bills for years to come.

Replace Your Lighting

South Carolina residents may have noticed the phase-out of traditional incandescent bulbs at local stores and their replacement by higher-efficiency fluorescent bulbs designed to fit into the same fixtures. Taking the time this winter to replace your older incandescent bulbs with these energy-efficient products can reduce your utility bills throughout the year. Many fluorescent bulbs are designed to last longer than their incandescent counterparts, so installing these high-efficiency lighting solutions can also save you time and money over the course of a year.

Install Attic Insulation

Adding insulation to your attic space can prevent heat from escaping from your home and can help you make the most efficient use of your heating equipment. Attic insulation is especially important during the winter because of the tendency of heated air to rise. By increasing the amount of insulation between your roof and your living areas, you can block a significant portion of heat that would otherwise escape. The heating and cooling experts at Melton Heating & Air Conditioning can install added insulation in your attic or crawlspace to help you bring your heating bills down to a manageable size and ensure greater comfort for everyone in your home.

Seal the Gaps

Installing weather stripping and door sweeps can reduce the amount of heated air that escapes through gaps in your home’s exterior perimeter. While an airtight seal is generally not possible or practical, controlling heat loss and reducing air leaks can make a major difference in the energy efficiency of your home. Taking steps to address any gaps between windows and walls can help you keep warm air in and cold air out this winter.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

Programmable thermostats can lower your energy costs while maintaining comfortable temperatures in your home during the times it is most frequently occupied. Modern thermostat technologies allow home owners to change the temperature remotely and provide optimal flexibility for families on the go.

At Melton Heating & Air Conditioning, we are committed to helping Rock Hill families enjoy greater comfort throughout the year. By implementing these five tips, South Carolina residents can reduce their energy bills and stay warmer all winter long.  Call today to schedule an appointment so you can benefit from improved home efficiency this winter.