Change the Ceiling Fan Direction for Summer

When the summer weather in the Rock Hill, SC, becomes hot and humid, homeowners rely on their central air conditioning system to keep the indoor environment cool and comfortable. A properly sized ceiling fan can help reduce utility costs, but the benefits are lost if the blades are not spinning in the proper direction. So, what is the right ceiling fan setting for summertime cooling?

Setting the Blade Direction for Summer

All modern ceiling fans have high/low speed settings and the capacity to change the direction of the blades by flipping a switch. In the summer, you want to make sure the blades are rotating in a counterclockwise direction. The downward air flow pattern creates a pleasant effect known as indoor wind chill. In essence, you perceive that your body is cooler because the hot layer of stagnant air next to your skin is constantly pushed away.

Summer Fan Setting for Better Efficiency

A ceiling fan can help save money on your summertime cooling costs. In most instances, you can raise the thermostat without noticing any difference in comfort. When a ceiling fan is used in conjunction with a programmable thermostat, air conditioner operating costs may be reduced by as much as 40 percent.

Fan Blade Direction Exceptions

If you have a fan installed in a room with a high ceiling, the blade direction should still be counterclockwise, but the speed may need to be set on high to accommodate the greater volume of air. Also, ceiling fans positioned directly over a desk or a dining room table may need to run in a clockwise direction. While less efficient, you will avoid having papers and napkins blown all over the room.

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