How a Preventive Maintenance Plan Benefits You

“Should I do it? Should I not do it? Should I do it? Should I not do it?”

If your HVAC system could yell at you, it would scream “DO IT!”

Although investing in a preventative plan is an upfront cost you must take into account, it’s been proven time and time again that having one helps you save money over the long haul. If you’re still having trouble deciding, consider the following benefits.

Helps Your HVAC System Work More Efficiently

Face it: proper maintenance of any appliance or machine leads to greater performance and reduces the risk of an unexpected breakdown. The same applies to your HVAC system. Considering it already works hard to keep you cool during the hot and humid summers in Rock Hill, South Carolina, it deserves all the extra attention it can get.

When your HVAC system works harder than it has to – a common consequence of poor maintenance – it leads to higher utility bills, greater strain on the system and an eventual major HVAC repair. The bottom line is that preventive maintenance helps your HVAC system run more efficiently, saving you money, time and, most importantly, worry. Keep your system healthy and it’ll keep you cool and warm when you need it.

Prolongs Your HVAC System’s Longevity

OK, so we know that preventive maintenance helps improve your HVAC system’s efficiency. And as a result, that leads to your HVAC system living a healthier and longer life. So what exactly does an HVAC contractor check for when performing preventive maintenance? Here’s a list of a few of the tasks he or she will complete.

  • Inspect all parts of your HVAC system to ensure they’re in working order
  • Lubricate moving parts and clean all other HVAC system components
  • Test all electronic components and system controls
  • Calibrate the thermostat as needed and evaluate the airflow

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