Keep Up Your Home’s Health this Winter. We Can Help!

Winter can be a challenging time in terms of personal health. The seasonal illnesses alone can be frustrating, and you don’t expect your home to contribute to these problems. However, there are some household issues that can have a negative impact on you and your family members, making it wise to consider doing an inspection to ensure that your air supply is safe so you can ensure your home’s health.

Safe Home Heating Helps Your Home’s Health

Approximately 57 percent of U.S. residents use natural gas to heat their homes. A furnace should be inspected each year prior to use to be certain that ventilation components are clean and that the system is operating properly. A dirty or leaky system could create a risk for carbon monoxide poisoning.

Humidity Management

Winter humidity levels tend to drop significantly, and furnace operation can amplify this issue in the home. The optimum humidity range for good home health is between 30 and 50 percent. Below this level, skin can dry out. If the humidity in the home drops below 10 percent, the mucous membranes of residents can be affected, resulting in a greater susceptibility to illnesses. Consider installing a humidifier for winter management of your indoor air quality.

Ventilation and Purification

Indoor pollutants can also affect home health as they trigger allergies, affect breathing, or even create the risk of cancer. A recovery ventilation system is appropriate for tackling gaseous pollutants that are released from various household products and materials. A germicidal air purifier can provide reliable filtration of solid pollutants, and it can trap and kill bio-materials such as viruses and bacteria, helpful for combating winter illnesses. If you already have these systems in place, pre-season maintenance can promote optimum performance.

Guidance from an HVAC Expert

A home inspection can be helpful for pinpointing the most significant indoor air quality challenges in your residence. Learn more about Melton Heating & Air Conditioning’s healthy home services online or by calling us at 803-693-0114.