My A/C Isn’t Cooling. Would It Just Need Some Freon or Puron?

Here’s a common A/C repair scenario: on the first hot day of the season here in Rock Hill and Charlotte, your A/C system cycles on correctly, and you feel good air flow coming into your rooms. Everything seems to be working as it should — indoor and outdoor components, electrical connections, fan and thermostat. You expect that within a few minutes you will be enjoying cool, comfortable air, but that never happens. Is the solution as simple as topping up the refrigerant the way you add oil in your car, or does your system need a more extensive A/C repair?

Incorrect Refrigerant Charge: Possible Causes

There is a chance that your A/C system never received the correct refrigerant charge when it was first installed. With our decades of experience and NATE-certified installation technicians, we at Melton Heating and Air Conditioning make the effort to ensure that you never have this problem with our quality installations, but within the HVAC installation industry as a whole, it does happen. The more likely scenario, however, is that you have a refrigerant leak. The U.S. Energy Department is clear: unless you repair the leak, there is little point to just adding refrigerant.

Our A/C Maintenance Includes Checking Refrigerant

As part of our preventative maintenance service, we always check refrigerant levels and test for leaks to safeguard your system from this problem. A common location for refrigerant leaks is at the valve connection, but no matter where they occur, we are well equipped to detect and repair them. We then test each repair before adding the precise refrigerant specified by the manufacturer. Of course, we would look for all other possible causes for improperly cooling air as part of our A/C maintenance and repair services.

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