Odd AC Sounds and What They Mean

Hearing some noise coming from your air conditioning unit is normal, but some sounds can signal trouble. That’s why it’s important to pay attention to these typical noises so that you can discern a change that might be more serious. In many cases, a change in sound levels or in the types of noises coming from your equipment can provide clues as to the nature of a potential problem. It is always wise to pay attention to such changes promptly so that further damage can be avoided through a quick diagnosis and air conditioning repair.

AC Troubleshooting with Sounds

Noises can be helpful diagnostic tools when your air conditioner acts up. These noises may provide an understanding of where a problem exists, and they can be helpful in alerting you or your air conditioning repair technician to the nature of the issue. Some common sounds may indicate problems of varying degrees. These include:

  • Clicking: If you hear a loud clicking in your outside unit, you may be dealing with a piece of debris that is caught in or near a fan blade. Blowing or sweeping debris away from the area may resolve the issue. In some cases, electronic components that have failed or malfunctioned may result in clicking noises, requiring professional attention.
  • Hissing: A leak is often signaled by a hissing sound, and you may need assistance in checking your refrigerant lines or related valves. Your air conditioner also produces a hissing noise as a result of airflow. A change in these sounds from normal may indicate clogged coils, a dirty air filter, closed registers or leaks in the ducts.
  • Squeaking or squealing: Dry bearings may become loud and squeaky, requiring attention so that a HVAC professional can lubricate appropriately. A failing motor may also result in a squealing sound.
  • Banging: A damaged or loose hardware component could result in a banging noises, especially if a fan blade is coming into contact with another system component. A professional assessment may be necessary to determine how serious the issue is.

Making Maintenance Measures Matter

By scheduling air conditioning maintenance with Melton Heating and Air Conditioning, you can be sure that all major system components will be inspected and optimized to limit the potential for such AC sound issues during the cooling season. In many cases, we are able to diagnose air conditioning problems prior to the need for a repair call. Just contact our office today to set up an appointment for maintenance or to discuss any unusual AC noises you may be concerned about.