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When those outside temperatures begin to soar, you want a reliable air conditioning system to deliver relief from heat and humidity. Today’s air conditioning systems are designed to provide outstanding comfort while keeping fuel costs to a minimum. Homeowners, in fact, can save as much as 40 percent on their cooling costs annually by replacing an old 10 SEER model with a new, more energy-efficient 16 SEER system.

Air Conditioning Options

Air conditioners rely on the refrigeration cycle to control indoor temperatures and humidity. This cycle involves the transformation of refrigerant through several processes to ensure heat energy is extracted from a building’s interior and deposited outdoors. The cooler air is then sent back into the indoor space thanks to a forced air fan.

Today’s air conditioners use a refrigerant that is environmentally friendly to deliver efficient cooling. It’s important for homeowners to understand that refrigerant used in older AC models is being phased out, which has caused a dramatic increase in its price.

There are three main configurations for central air conditioners:

  • Split Air Conditioners: These systems have a separate condensing unit and air handler. The condenser is generally placed outside while the air handler is installed in a furnace closet or garage. Split systems are considered the best in overall efficiency.
  • Heat Pumps: Delivering both cooling and heating, this option often appeals to those in areas where natural gas is unavailable or milder winters make this a solid year-round indoor comfort solution. Heat pumps are available as either split systems or package units.
  • Package Units: When space is a concern, these units offer both condenser and air handler storage in a single cabinet. They are meant for rooftop installation and are available in straight gas-electric, AC or heat pump varieties. Whether you’re just looking for a newer, greener HVAC system or you’re building a home from the ground up, we also offer alternative energy options. Geothermal cooling and heating, for example, is one of the most energy- and cost-efficient options available. At Melton, we understand your top priority is keeping your family comfortable and safe. Our greener options enable you to do so while doing some good for the environment, too.

AC Installation

Successful AC installation starts with proper system design. Our NATE-certified technicians begin installation by performing a complete set of load calculations using ACCA Manual J to properly size every heating and air conditioning system we install.

Before we get started with installation, we’ll also formulate a construction schedule that’s meant to minimize disruption to your lifestyle.

Our Air Conditioning Services

It’s much cheaper to prevent a problem than it is to fix one. While we offer an array of air conditioning repair services, we strongly urge our customers to take advantage of seasonal maintenance to keep their systems operating at peak performance levels and to enable small problems to be fixed before they become big ones. If there is a need for air conditioning repair, our factory trained, NATE-certified technicians use advanced diagnostic tools to identify the source of troubles. Our technicians are experts at working on all makes and models of HVAC equipment. When they’ve finished the job, you can count on our invoices never exceeding final estimates.

Complete Air Conditioning Service

Expertise is a must when it comes to designing, installing and servicing air conditioning systems. Melton Heating and Air Conditioning is your full-service HVAC contractor. Whether you need new AC installation, air conditioning repair or routine maintenance, we’re here to deliver expertise and exceptional service.