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Your central heating equipment is designed to work in concert with a well-designed duct system that delivers warmth when those outside temperatures begin to drop. Courtesy of technological advances, the appliances made today are much more efficient and quieter than those manufactured just a few years ago.

While a new heat pump or furnace will deliver reliable, efficient comfort, it’s still a significant investment. That means ensuring the build quality of the equipment is critical, but so is the expertise of the contractor who will handle the installation. A knowledgeable heating contractor will guide you through every step of selecting just the right equipment and ensuring installation is handled with expertise.

Heating Options

Your heating contractor will help you explore all the options available to make sure your indoor environment stays comfy when those outdoor temperatures drop. Here are the main options available that you may want to explore:


The initial price of a gas furnace is generally tied to its AFUE rating. That rating is a measure of efficiency. If a furnace has a rating of 80, for example, it exhausts 20 percent of the fuel it uses as a form of waste gas. Eighty percent of its fuel usage goes directly into producing heat energy. Furnaces with an 80 AFUE rating or higher are recommended for areas where winters can get cold.

Modern furnaces are also designed to enhance air flow and provide more even temperatures throughout a living area. Look for features such as modulating gas valves and variable speed motors to enhance indoor comfort while raising efficiency.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps deliver reliable indoor comfort year-round by relying on the same refrigeration cycle called upon by air conditioners. Thanks to the addition of a reversing valve, refrigerant is able to flow in either direction, which enables both cooling and heating from the same equipment.

Just like an air conditioner, a heat pump’s efficiency in regard to cooling is indicated by its SEER rating. Heating efficiency is measured by the Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF). A new heat pump is a highly efficient machine that can help homeowners save as much as 30 percent on heating fuel when compared to models designed just a decade ago. It’s important to talk to your heating contractor about this option since heat pumps may have limited capacity on especially cold days. Air handlers, however, can be enhanced with heat strips that offer supplemental warmth when temperatures drop too low.

Heating Repair

Your indoor comfort system is one of the most expensive and important pieces of machinery in your home. Chances are it’s also the biggest consumer of energy. While most people recognize the importance of HVAC systems, they don’t always give them the TLC they deserve. Preventative maintenance can help keep these systems running smoothly, but if a time comes that heating repair is required, you want to work with a contractor that’s experienced in all facets of heating repair and maintenance.

Our factory trained, NATE-certified technicians use the most advanced diagnostic tools available to quickly isolate problems so necessary repairs can be made. You can count on them to deliver expertise and outstanding customer service.

Comprehensive Heating Solutions

Melton Heating and Air Conditioning is your full-service heating contractor. We specialize in all facets of heating repair, installation and maintenance. You can count on our training, knowledge and expertise.