Affordable Preventative Maintenance Plans for Rock Hill, SC Homeowners.

Whether you own a home or a business, you rely on your heating and cooling systems to deliver comfort throughout the year. Chances are making sure those systems operate efficiently and reliably is a top priority. That’s why choosing a preventative maintenance service plan is such a smart way to protect your investment in these systems while helping to boost their performance, efficiency and potential longevity.

Safeguarding Your Systems

Heating and air conditioning systems are complex machines. Just like cars, for example, they require maintenance and tune-ups to keep them running at peak levels while minimizing the likelihood of costly breakdowns. At Melton Heating and Air Conditioning, our Preventative Maintenance Plan is designed to deliver you the valuable HVAC maintenance services you need for your home or business at an exceptional price.

Air Conditioning Tune-Up

A preventative maintenance tune-up can help increase system efficiency while lowering electricity costs. An air conditioning tune-up will increase system efficiency and can help you cut down on electricity costs. At Melton Heating and Air Conditioning, our 15-point tune-up addresses common air conditioner issues while ensuring your air conditioner is properly calibrated for optimum performance. During a tune-up this work is performed:

  • Inspect Blower Motor & Wheel
  • Wash Condenser Coils
  • Test Electrical Components
  • Tighten And Check Electrical Connections
  • Check Condenser Fan Motor & Bearings
  • Check Temperature Drop
  • Check Refrigerant Pressures
  • Check Compressor Operation
  • Test Safety Circuits
  • Check Thermostat Operation In Cooling Mode
  • Test Reversing Valve
  • Clean And Flush Drains
  • Check For Proper Airflow
  • Visually Check Condition Of Ductwork

Heating Tune-Up

HVAC maintenance doesn’t end with an air conditioner tune-up. It’s also important to have your heating system tuned up for efficiency. Here are just some of the items that are performed during a heating tune-up:

As with air conditioning maintenance, heating maintenance keeps your heater in good working order and helps to boost efficiency. All of the following and more is provided during a heating tune-up:

  • Inspect Blower Motor & Wheel
  • Inspect Heat Exchanger
  • Inspect Ignitor
  • Clean Flame Sensor
  • Check Heat Rise
  • Check Refrigerant Pressures – (Heat Pump Only)
  • Inspect Burners
  • Check Gas Pressure
  • Test Safety Circuits
  • Check Thermostat Operation In Heat Mode
  • Check Flue Pipe For Cracks And Corrosion
  • Check Furnace Drain – (Condensing Furnace Only)
  • Check For Proper Airflow
  • Visually Check Condition Of Ductwork

Your Local HVAC Contractor

At Melton Heating and Air Conditioning, we know just how crucial HVAC maintenance is for ensuring your year-round comfort. With our Preventative Maintenance Plan customers receive the tune-ups they need while gaining easy access to on-call repair and troubleshooting assistance.