The Importance of Keeping the Condensate Line Clear and Clean

Air conditioning maintenance is essential. If you’re looking at the big picture, you know that investing in seasonal tune-ups will pay off handsomely with increased efficiency and fewer repairs, but it’s easy to forget the small things like keeping your condensate drain clear and clean. Ideally, you should have your drain line cleaned at least once each year. Here’s why this simple step is so important.

Problems Associated with Clogged Condensate Drains

As your air conditioner runs, a significant amount of condensation develops around the evaporator coil. The moisture trickles down into a collection pan and is channeled away by the condensate drain. If you have a split system, this pipe transports water out of your attic or utility room and releases it outside your home. After a long South Carolina summer, the pipe can become clogged with mold and algae. That’s when the problems start. If the water in the condensate pan isn’t draining, it can overflow and damage your ceiling and drywall. It can also increase indoor humidity and cause condensation to build up indoors.

How to Tell if Your Condensate Line is Clear

It’s easy to see if your drain line is working properly by checking the pipe on a humid day. Depending on the configuration of your system, the drain may be located on the exterior of your home or on the side of your outdoor unit. Look for a small white pipe. When the air conditioner is running, water should trickle out of the line constantly.

To avoid potential problems, it’s a good idea to start your air conditioning season with a comprehensive tune-up. At Melton Heating & Air Conditioning, we check all mechanical and non-moving parts that need regular maintenance. To learn more about our seasonal tune-ups, check our air conditioning maintenance page, or call our office directly at 803-693-0114.