What’s The Difference Between the ‘Heat’ Setting and “Emergency Heat” on my thermostat?

According to the experts at the U.S. Department of Energy, heat pumps can provide considerable savings on utility bills throughout the year in North and South Carolina. These systems are somewhat more complex than traditional furnace and air conditioning units and may require a little additional tweaking to ensure the best results. Understanding the difference between the Heat and the Emergency Heat settings on your thermostat can help you ensure the highest energy efficiency and the most cost-effective performance from your heat pump during the winter months.

How Heat Pumps Work

Your home heat pump works by reversing the normal flow of heat and cold. By extracting heat from already cold air and transferring that heat outdoors, it can provide cooler interior temperatures during the summer. The process is reversed during the winter months to absorb heat present in cold outdoor air and bring it inside to keep your home toasty warm.

Use Your Heat Setting Not Emergency Heat

When the temperatures drop, your heat pump may not be able to extract enough heat from outdoors. At that point your heat pump will activate it’s supplemental heat source, which is electric resistance (strip) heat to meet your heating demands. This is activated when you use the ‘Heat’ setting. If your home uses natural gas, oil or propane, you may have a furnace to supply this heat, which is called a dual-fuel system.

The Emergency Heat was designed to allow backup heating furnace during excessively cold temperatures or when your regular system is not functional for other reasons. It is almost never necessary to switch this feature on unless the primary system is broken, as it is not energy efficient. The regular Heat setting allows your system to perform at optimal energy efficiency during almost any weather conditions.

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